Bitches Get Stuff Done: Tina Fey Will Host SNL Season Opener

Tina Fey is returning to Saturday Night Live to host the Season 39 premiere with Arcade Fire as the musical guest on the Saturday, Sept. 28 premiere ... See the Rest

7 Minutes in Heaven with Jon Hamm

Mike O'Brien traps the Hammster in a closet with the tickle spider, and it's ADOOORABLE. (via Jezebel) ... See the Rest

Seven Minutes in Heaven with Jon Hamm

The always adorably awkward Mike O'Brien traps Jon Hamm in the closet with a "tickle spider," asks him about "Ron Draper," makes him read some dirty ... See the Rest

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Seven Minutes in Heaven with Paul Rudd

Mike O'Brien lives the dream, man. He gets a playful Paul Rudd alone in his closet for a quick Q & A and some hot man-on-man lip action. You might ... See the Rest