Celebrity Roundup

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In today's celebrity roundup, from top, left: Glee's Dianna Agron and Australian Restaurateur boyfriend Nick Mathers depart their hotel in New York City and, MY GOD, aren't they an attractive pair? When did SHE become a Park Avenue socialite? I did a spit-take when I read her name (literally. My computer is SOPPING). I thought it was Ivanka or ... See the Rest

Michelle Pfeiffer Walks the Red Carpet at the Dark Shadows Premiere


Like a boss. ... See the Rest

On the Dark Carpet


At the premiere last night for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows at Grauman's Chinese in the heart of Hollywood, there was quite a gathering of stars, some of whom were in the movie. The lovelies pictured here were among those attending: Michelle Pfeiffer, Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler, Tim Burton, Jackie Earle Haley, and Johnny Depp. We have to assume those ... See the Rest


Zac and Michelle

Zac and Michelle at last night's Grauman's Chinese premiere of New Year's Eve, the movie they're coupled in that also stars a slew of other celebrities who were available for work at the time of filming and which, as we may have mentioned before, we're not anticipating seeing, despite how cute together these two look here. ... See the Rest

Flashback: Celebrities in Boy Drag


I finally went to the Beauty Culture exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography over the weekend, which you definitely ought to check out if you are in the LA area. There was a hall dedicated to female celebrities in Joe Calderone drag, many of whom I had forgotten. The picture of Demi Moore by Michael Comte, top left, is incredibly hot. She ... See the Rest