Please Watch This: The Trailer for I Origins

Video thumbnail for youtube video The Trailer for I Origins - World of Wonder

Hmmm. I'm slightly wary of telling you the synopsis for fear that you won't watch the trailer if you know that it's about a molecular biologist "whose study of the human eye points to evidence with far reaching implications about our scientific and spiritual beliefs." (IMDB) And if I tell you it's a tale of science versus faith, reincarnation ... See the Rest

First Look: Rob the Mob and Grand Piano

Video thumbnail for youtube video First Look: Rob the Mob - World of Wonder

Rob the Mob. New York City, 1991: Small-time crooks Tommy (a still-yummy Michael Pitt) and Rosie (Nina Arianda) have the brilliant idea to rob a Mafia-owned social club where no guns are permitted. Thus begins a series of Bonnie-and-Clyde-style stickups of mob hangouts around the city, with Tommy wielding an Uzi and Rosie driving the beat-up ... See the Rest

Fashion Roundup

Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 9.50.53 AM

From top, left: At the Chanel show, Rihanna wafted in with her new breezy red hair, looking like an absolute goddess. Love the piles of pearls, the camilla pin, the cream-colored purse, and the boyfriend-length sleeves. It's as if Uncle Karl dressed her himself. Kristen Stewart looks lovely too, but in that clenched and deeply uncomfortable way she ... See the Rest

Tune: Michael Pitt Sings “Hey Joe”


From Bernado Bertolucci's 2003 film The Dreamers. Fortunately, Pitt has has kept his day job. ... See the Rest

Intriguing Casting News


  Hmmmm. American Horror Story's Lily Rabe as the world's first movie star Mary Mickford in a new biopic, with Julia Stiles as screenwriter Francis Marion and Michael Pitt as Mary's equally famous, but troubled, husband Douglas Fairbanks.  Shooting kicks off later this year. I'm on board, but Michael as Douglas seems a bit of a stretch, ... See the Rest

Michael Pitt Covers Bullett Magazine


... See the Rest

Michael Pitt Summons It


The pillow-lipped actor with the serial-killer coif sing-talks lyrics while he menaces and frisks through Nebraska like a house on fire, literally, in this dark and stormy five-minute video. And he plays guitar. We blame James Franco. ... See the Rest

Michael Pitt Covers the Debut Issue of GQ Style South Korea


Renewed interest in him now that we KNOW A LITTLE BIT MORE ABOUT HIM. ... See the Rest