#Transformations: Jer Ber Jones Goes All Tranimal On James’ Ass!

Performance artist and noted Tranimal Jer Ber Jones gives me a nutty, constructivist makeover in this all-new episode of Transformations – and before he's done, I look like papier-mâché puppet version of Michael Jackson. Before you jump to ... See the Rest

The Andy Cohen Diaries Unofficial Index

Today's the day Andy Cohen's book is published. It's a fabulous and satisfyingly indiscreet read. See the Rest

“The Bigger Picture”: Famous Album Covers, Uncropped

The idea behind “The Bigger Picture,” a funny set of digitally manipulated images that reimagines the original context of some famous album covers. What if these covers were actually ... See the Rest

Watch & Learn: Prince’s 8-Minute SNL Set Was Epic

Prince's Saturday Night Live set featured tracks that were unknown to most viewers but it hardly mattered. Prince, his all-girl backing band ... See the Rest

80s Flashback: Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury’s Long-Lost Duet

In case you didn't know (I didn't!) the late Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury recorded a few songs together in the 80s, but they were never released. They were a popular bootleg for fans and you once could find them all on YouTube, but they've all been deleted. The surviving ... See the Rest

Flashback 1994: This Is What Was Going On 20 Years Ago…

Well, the summer is done. The Wow Report just celebrated 10+ years and See the Rest

Brow Beaten: Every Other Celeb, Cholafied!

Every culture has their thing – but I'm NOT going to try to explain what "Cholafied" means but it's as LA as the Hollywood sign and award shows, if you live in the right ... See the Rest

Music Icons, Legends & Rebels: Michael Jackson For Sale

I'm in London for the Peter O'Toole Memorial tomorrow, recovering from not sleeping on an overnight flight and $175 cab ride from the airport. (I know, get an Oyster card, take the Tube – I was too ... See the Rest