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"The producers of Michael Jackson's new album, Xscape, must tell us whether this was Michael's idea of a spacesuit or something his doctor put on so ... See the Rest

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New Music From Michael Jackson?!

Epic Records announced today that a new Michael Jackson album is coming our way! Find out what the title of the album is and when it will be released! ... See the Rest

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Corey Feldman Releases New Music Video

Wow. Corey Feldman has completed his transformation into a 42-year-old, goth Michael Jackson impersonator (some things are too tough to quit) wearing ... See the Rest

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Brandon Howard is Michael Jack…son

I am obsessed with Brandon Howard and he IS Michael Jackson's son. WOW needs to sign Howard up for a reality show. Biggest giveaway... they both have ... See the Rest

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Michael Jackson's transformation in one picture. #Iconic pic.twitter.com/cy9MMCp7e2 — Marlon (@MarlonMinaj) January 27, 2014 ... See the Rest

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Michael Jackson Lip Dubs Molejão’s “Brincadeira de Criança”

You don't have to speak Portugese to enjoy this exuberant rendering of the Brazilian classic "Child's Play." (via Fuck Yeah Dementia)  ... See the Rest

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“I’m Hangin’ with Michael Jackson, Bitch” – Aaron Paul Tells of Late Night Party with the King of Pop

Crazy little story in The Hollywood Blog about Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul and Michael Jackson hanging out together. Before Aaron was famous, he was ... See the Rest

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The Moonwalk Like You’ve Never Seen It…

The Ohio State University marching band celebrated the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson's album, "Bad," during halftime of the game against the ... See the Rest