#RealEstatePorn: Calvin Klein Sells His Miami Estate For $16 Million & Buys a Super-Modern L.A. Pad For $25 Million


Miami – Since purchasing the house in 1999, Calvin Klein was always pretty private about publicity and photos of his Miami Beach house. Bruce Weber photographed it for Vanity Fair in 2008 and now that he has listed the 1929 home for sale for $16 million, we can finally get a good ... See the Rest

#StudioVisit: Kenny Scharf Karbombz My Green Beetle (& a Prada Coat)


Kenny Scharf and I have known each other since the early 80s when we met at a party I crashed in his loft. (He gives the BEST parties.) I was looking through a stack of paintings he had stored in a bath tub and we struck up a conversation... I'd be surprised if it wasn't while ... See the Rest

#ModelLife: Max Emerson’s Book “Hot Sissy: Life Before Flashbulbs” + The Latest Episode of “Max’s Underpants”

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 5.10.56 PM

Underpants model and Instagram star, Max Emerson has a “young adult novel” out now called, Hot Sissy: Life Before Flashbulbs and according Max, it's Running With Scissors meets Less Than Zero, “with 90% more fistfights.” He says about Hot Sissy: "It’s a first person, present ... See the Rest

#RealEstatePorn: Say Hello To My Big House! The “Scarface” Mansion Can Be Yours For $35 Million!


It seems that Tony Montana’s Miami mansion in Scarface was really in Santa Barbara. Yes, shocker –Hollywood lied to you. It's made to look over the top tacky onscreen but the real mansion was designed by the architect Grosvenor Goodhue in 1906 and is the pinnacle of extravagant ... See the Rest

#DIYRealEstatePorn: Owners Of This Miami House Built It Themselves

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 6.56.45 AM

Jacob & Melissa Brillhart, both trained as architects, hand-built this 1,500-square-foot house in downtown Miami (with the help of plumbers, electricians, welders and roofers.) Using some old techniques; "Cross-ventilation and orienting the building so the front porch blocks ... See the Rest

#ArtTour: My Coast-To-Coast Back-To-Back Exhibits


Seems like ages ago when I left NYC for Florida, but it was just December 2 when there was a press preview at the Cornell Museum in Delray Beach for Language Art, a show I'm featured in along with artists Mary Coyle, Michael Dinges, Reed Dixon, William Halliday, Kathy Halper, ... See the Rest

#ArtBasel Miami: Food, Drink & Fun, But No Art…


I'm in Miami, sitting on the restaurant terrace at SoHo Beach House waiting for my friend, curator Melanie Johanson to arrive from DelRay Beach. Tuesday night was the opening of "Language Art" at the Cornell Museum, a show I'm in at the Cornell that Melanie put together... more ... See the Rest

The Uninvited: Serena Williams Wedding Crashes In A Leopard Swimsuit


So, Kim and Kanye got married and Serena Williams was there along with many others but only this bride and her groom had the tennis pro show up in a leopard print swimsuit! Serena popped in on the unsuspecting couple Saturday in Miami. "Wedding crasher!! Congrats!" captioned one ... See the Rest