#BornThisDay: Editor, Anna Wintour

November 3, 1949- Is there anyone else that knows the Fashion World better than Anna Wintour, the Editor of Vogue Magazine since 1988 & ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Actress, Carrie Fisher

October 21, 1956- Carrie Fisher: "I'm a product of Hollywood inbreeding. When two celebrities mate, something like me is the result" I have loved her since her performance in ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Sigourney Weaver

September 8, 1949 -Sigourney Weaver was named Susan, but at 14 years old she decided to change her name to Sigourney, chosen from a minor character in F. Scott ... See the Rest

We Let You Listen to Meryl Streep Singing “Bad Romance” So You Don’t Actually Have to See Ricki and the Flash

Of course Meryl Streep can sing. She's Meryl Streep. She can do anything. She was wonderful in Mama Mia. She was transcendant in Into the Woods. And now? Now, she plays an over-the-hill rock-n-roller in the new movie ... See the Rest

#RIP: Photographer, Mary Ellen Mark

The great photographer, Mary Ellen Mark has passed away at the age of 75. She is known for her photojournalistic portraiture and had 16 collections of her work published and has been exhibited at galleries and museums around the world. Born in suburban ... See the Rest

#FirstLook: Watch Meryl Rock It In Jonathan Demme’s “Ricki and the Flash”

As our James reported last month, Meryl ... See the Rest

Meryl Streep To Sing “Bad Romance” In Her Next Film, Gays Lose Their Damn Mind

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that in the ... See the Rest

Let’s End Our Friday with a Little Meryl Streep: Here’s the “Into the Woods” Song You Never Got Hear Her Sing

"She'll Be Back" is a song that Stephen Sondheim wrote for Meryl Streep's witch character that was left on the cutting room floor for some capricious reason. It ... See the Rest