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Check Out the New Trailer for The Giver

It's Pleasantville meets Fahrenheit 451 in the new trailer for The Giver, based on the classic YA novel about a a young man who lives in a seemingly ... See the Rest

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Some Things Make Perfect Sense. Have a Great Weekend, Kids!

Talk about Instaglam? No explanation known – nor is it necessary. It was bound to happen. ... See the Rest

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Pictures of Stars Posing with Their Younger Selves

2013 Oscar nominees are pictured with younger versions of themselves. And once again let's all take a moment and THANK GOD the '90s are over.  (via ... See the Rest


Hollywood Legends: Now & Then

I know this is a silly game but I can't really help myself. Whenever you focus on the Hollywood heavyweights, like last night's Oscars did, you think ... See the Rest


Oscars 2014: The Show & The Winners

The Gay Superbowl, 2014 edition is now history. Host Ellen Degeneres delivered a hilarious opening monologue. To Jonah Hill: “You showed us something ... See the Rest

Death Becomes Her

Throwback: Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her

Combining the most powerful forces on Earth: beauty, magic, and Meryl Streep, it's no wonder so many of my ilk were obsessed with this movie. ... See the Rest


Brit Flashback 1: David Bailey’s “Stardust”

The National Portrait Gallery in London gave David Bailey free rein to hang pretty much as he pleased, the nearly 300 photographs that make up his 50 ... See the Rest

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The Ellen Show: Two Geniuses!

Ellen had these two guests recently; Meryl, 64, and Elias, 7 – and they both KILLED. Just watch. ... See the Rest