What Are the Spice Girls Up To?

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Let's catch up, shall we? Geri Halliwell blogged about her recently released Australian single "Half of Me," which only sold 393 copies its first week. Mel B will be hosting the grand opening party for the 1st Sugar Factory store in LA tomorrow. Victoria instagrammed a video ... See the Rest

Spice Girls Reunited


Here they are, together again! Geri, Emma & Melanie C look stunning, as always, and seem to be genuinely excited over the musical. They should be, they've been the ones actually working on it. Victoria and Mel B are at opposite ends, perhaps because Mel's bitter over Victoria ... See the Rest


Photographing a rather large snake in Miami with her husband Stephen Belafonte, spicy Melanie Brown's hand moved instinctively to shield her hoo-hah in case things got crazy. (Photo: Fame Pictures) ... See the Rest