Madonna Skincare Line

Not kidding. Madonna has a skincare line coming out and it's called  MDNA Skincare. She lived out the MDNA Chrom Clay Mask on Instagram and I am quite ... See the Rest

Madonna MDNA Skincare Parody by London’s Charlie Hides

London drag star and YouTube sensation Charlie Hides does a hilarious and really witty parody of Madonna's recent MDNA skincare line commercial. In the See the Rest

Mike and Madonna

It's common for engineers at the soundboard to remind performers to "eat that mike" during sound check before a concert. Madonna apparently takes that literally, and at her two Madison Square Garden shows she even engaged in a bit of foreplay, going down on the mike before eating ... See the Rest

Madonna Releases Video Teaser for “Turn Up the Radio”

It's the old Michael Jackson trick: When your popularity begins to wane, go to some foreign country where you're still the biggest thing they'll ever see, then show video of people freaking the fuck out over you. It's to hypnotize everybody into thinking that's the proper ... See the Rest

But Where’s Lourdes?

Awwww, mother and son doing what every mother and child do, perform for thousands of people in Tel Aviv. Rocco Ritchie joined his icon mommy on stage last night ... See the Rest

Isn’t She Hot?

Madonna is rehearsing her wee arse off in Tel Aviv prepping for opening night, which is Thursday. It always amazes me how everyone else can be close to naked to ... See the Rest

Madonna’s Surprise Party

Madonna's manager, Guy Oseary, threw her a surprise party yesterday to celebrate her MDNA album reaching number one, chartwise, and the diva, her hair still wet from the shower and her veiny hands and forearms covered in fingerless Chanel gloves, responded to the gesture by ... See the Rest

This Should Be Everything and More… On Paper, Anyway

Personally, I am loving MDNA and all it has to offer and if you are enjoying it as well, I bet one of your ... See the Rest