If Maurice Sendak Created the Avengers

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Says artist AgarthanGuide on deviantart: "Two things ... See the Rest

A True Sendak Fan


This one boy in particular was and STILL is a prime example of what it means to be a devoted fan. Either that ... See the Rest

Recently Dead Quote Unquote


"I’ve been a carbuncle in the children’s book world since I began, practically. Now, everyone rushes to me and says, 'Oh! Your books are classic! Classic!' America is so vile. Just live long enough in this country and you turn into Helen Hayes."  – beloved Where the Wild Things ... See the Rest

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"Finding out that I was gay when I was older was a shock and a disappointment. I did not want to be gay. It meant a whole different thing to me – which is really hard to recover now because that's many years ago. I always objected to it because there is a part of me that is solid ... See the Rest