Is the Universe a Hologram?

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Short answer: Probably. Oh, who am I kidding? I don't understand any of this. It all seems perfectly plausible when the narrator uses a picture of Matthew McConaughey to explain it (something about imprinting information on the event horizon of a black hole and how that would mean our universe is a hologram of a lower dimensional universe) but I'll ... Watch Now

Anne Hathaway’s Embarrassing Matthew McConaughey Story: Alright! Alright! Alright!


At last night's star-studded American Cinematheque tribute to McConaughey, Hathaway said she became friends with Matthew McConaughey while filming the upcoming Interstellar. McConaughey invited Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman to his house for a party... "I have a story and it's kind of embarrassing. My husband and I drive up. It's a ... See the Rest

See Or Skip?: 39 Fall Movies (That Sound Good, Anyway)


SO many movies get released in the fall... this is by no means all of them, just the ones I was most interested in. Most will not live up to their promise and some will disappear right away, some will go on to be nominated and a few might even be considered classics one day. Anyone who says they can predict which ones fall into which category is an ... See the Rest

The Emmy Awards: The Big Winners, Some Funny Bits (Tears) & A Few Surprise Upsets


Host: Seth Meyers handled his hosting duties very nicely, with a bit of help from his friends. Former SNL alums, Amy Poehler & Andy Samberg plus Weird Al, who filled in for the obligatory singing and dancing, came on to lend a hand at various stages. I thought he was the perfect host; gracious, snarky, charming, put everyone at ease and deflected ... See the Rest

Watch This: The True Detective/King of the Hill Mashup You Never Saw Coming

Video thumbnail for youtube video Watch This: The True Detective/King of the Hill Mashup You Never Saw Coming - World of Wonder

If you're jonesing for more True Detective after last Sunday's vaguely unsatisfying finale, watch this absolutely AMAZING mashup ... See the Rest

Tattoo Who?: Heavily-Inked Icons, Actors, Kings & Queens


Cheyenne Randall has re-imagined a cross-section of celebrities, then and now, by covering them in ink. Some are more shocking than others. All of them expertly done. Bruce Lee is timely as his life has inspired a new Broadway show. I think Queen Elizabeth and The Obamas might have been a nice addition too – just to round out the royals. Cue Lorde ... See the Rest

Check Out Matthew Mcconaughey Teasing Leonardo DiCaprio

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A post-Oscar GIF after the jump.  ... See the Rest

Pictures of Stars Posing with Their Younger Selves

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2013 Oscar nominees are pictured with younger versions of themselves. And once again let's all take a moment and THANK GOD the '90s are over.  (via inspiringpieces) ... See the Rest