Breaking News: Barbie Quits Her Job at Sea World!

Hard-working career woman Barbie will probably be spending a lot more time at her Malibu Beach house, now that she is no longer working as a killer whale trainer at ... See the Rest

J Lo Is a Living Doll   Every drag queen deserves a doll and huntys, J Lo knows drag. The gorgeous Puerto Rican mami has been reimagined by Mattel for a special edition J Lo Barbie just in time for the holidays, natch. PS. There is no Casper Smart Ken doll ... See the Rest

Josh Altman: Real Estate Agent to the Barbie Dreamhouse

Barbie is changing it up! She wants to move out of her iconic, pink'd out Malibu Dreamhouse, and she is willing to go anywhere in the world! She does speak over 37 languages, after all. For the woman who has everything, Barbie would settle for no less than to have Josh Altman, ... See the Rest

Something Fierce This Way Comes

They are calling her "Drag Queen Barbie." Barbie has gotten the makeover of a lifetime by the legendary design duo, The Blonds. Of ... See the Rest

Hot Look of the Day: Alien Empress Barbie

Fabulous, but it looks to me like Barbie is desperately trying to take a bite out of the Monster High market. ... See the Rest

Doll Stand Fail

From Mattel's Disney VIP doll line, comes Hannah Montana, and it looks like a heavy flow day to me. ... See the Rest

OMG! New Monster High Doll!

Meet Operetta, daughter of the Phantom of the Opera, with her gorgeous victory curls, music-note mask, and fabulous serpentine scars (because I hear scarification is HUGE with the tweens these days!). Operetta is due to hit shelves by the end of the month. ... See the Rest

Monster High

Glen Handsome Hanson, the gorgeous beast who did my Daily Freak Show opening, has collaborated with Mattel to create Monster High, a FABULOUS new spin on ... See the Rest