Top 10 Mathu Andersen Instagram Pics

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Oh to be a fly on the wall at Chateau Andersen, in the dark of the night when madness strikes and Mathu doodles the most outrageous looks on his face. Thank God for his Instagram account where we can get just a peek into what goes on after hours. Here are my top ten favorite looks, with his often cryptic posts.  ... See the Rest


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Mathu Andersen cartoons Raven! I will encourage Mathu to do more of these as I think they are absolutley wonderful. Comment on Mathu's post on Raven page HERE. ... See the Rest

Mama Tits is a Crusader!!

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As the great wise Mathu Andersen said "Pay attention kidlets as Mama Tits exercises the awesome power of drag."   ... See the Rest

Mathu Andersen Madness!

Mathu Andersen

Mathu Andersen is a genius (as you all may already know!) Click over and just take in all the beauty and talent that is Mathu Andersen... TAKE IT ALL IN!  ... See the Rest

Billboard Music’s Biggest Divas with Drag Divas: Photos


Check out these photos on Billboard that they put together of drag diva look-a-likes, RuPaul's Drag Race's Chad Michaels as Cher with Cher. Lady Gaga with Raven, Shangela and Courtney Act. AND... as a little extra WOW Report exclusive of Mama RuPaul with Mini Ru (aka Katrina Kemp!) from the DRAG RACE ME TO HELL episode from season 6. Photo by Mathu ... See the Rest

Watch Video: RuPaul Drives… Olivia Newton-John Part 2


Watch part two of RuPaul Drives... Olivia Newton-John! Check out never before seen footage from their first drive! Click over and watch now! ... Watch Now

Mathu Andersen Does I am A Rabbit


Mathu Andersen does a bunny rabbit for Easter. More Mathuism. ... See the Rest

Watch Now: Damiana Garcia Interviews Mathu Andersen on the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Premiere Red Carpet

Video thumbnail for youtube video Watch Now: Damiana Garcia Interviews Mathu Andersen on the <em>RuPaul's Drag Race</em> Season 6 Red Carpet - World of Wonder

Damiana Garcia was thrilled to interview the gorgeous and genius Mathu Andersen on the RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 red carpet. With both of them rocking a blonde bob, Mathu explained he was serving a "Damiana as Bond villain" look, and they vowed to swap outfits by the end of the night, after enjoying a few drinks at the party. More of Damiana's ... See the Rest