Mathu Andersen’s Musings – Pandora Boxx a Ginger Ingenue?


Do you remember that time that Pandora Boxx was transitioning to a ginger ingenue? Ready to give Julianne Moore a little competition? No? Well, that is because it never happened, but why not? It could.....Ginger drag.....the future is now. Click over to see Pandora as a freckle-faced redhead! ... See the Rest

Mathu Andersen’s Musings: Being Awake in the Architecture


I was talking with my lovely friend last night about being conscious in the banality of day to day living. The practice of mindfulness and ease in each moment. And she said something that has completely captivated me. ... See the Rest

Mathu Andersen’s Musings: Demis Roussos

Greek Singer Demis Roussos

The distinctive warble of Demis Roussos has fallen to silence with his passing. Beloved of 70's housewives, decried by husbands as "that fat, caterwauling Greek". Part of the soundtrack of suburban cocktail and key parties. The Greek god of garish caftans and moist knickers has returned to Olympus. Go see if you can find "Abigail's Party" as a ... See the Rest

Mathu’s Musings: Seattle

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 12.37.38 PM

A lone and wandering Dragoon am I, destined to arrive in the chill moistness that is Seattle this coming weekend. If anyone has a notion to give me a helping hand, I may need some help zipping up my frock. ... See the Rest

I have been Watching Michelle Visage on Celebrity Big Brother

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 8.02.09 AM

In support of Michelle Visage I have been watching Celebrity Big Brother..... And let me preface this with how proud I am of her. She is so solid in her integrity and completely and utterly the Michelle I know and love...... However the first 2 episodes left me feeling physically ill and unsettled. I really do not like this ilk of reality ... See the Rest

When I was 14

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 3.41.18 PM

When I was 14 this was my ultimate woman.... Still is. There was a billboard on the way to Coffs Harbour (Australia,NSW) that was just this image that excited me so much. This image is by Jose Gonzalez, my favorite Vampirella artist next to Frazetta. She still does it for me.... Lush hips and breasts with a full thigh and a complete confidence in ... See the Rest

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Mathu Andersen Tshirt

Were you bummed out that you weren't able to purchase one of Mathu Andersen's AMAAAAAZING  t-shirts at the The Instagram Art of Mathu Andersen at the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery last month? Well, lucky you: Those fabulous t-shirts are back in stock! Just in time for the holidays! You can get yours online NOW! ... See the Rest

8 World of Wonder Drag Ball and WOWie Polaroids by Mark Christopher

Mark Christopher Polaroids

Check out these super cool polaroids taken by wowlebrity polaroid photographer, Mark Christopher at the World of Wonder holiday party, Drag Ball, and WOWie awards! See photos of Mathu Andersen, Miles Davis Moody, Vivienne Pinay, Yara Sofia, Nicole Gemma, Brendan Jordan, Ridge Gallagher, OH and ME! ... See the Rest