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Dafuq? Test Footage from Sock Job

The other day, Christian Ellermann posted a (rather haunting) profile of NYC gogo-boy-turned-entrepreneur Matthew Camp. I thought I'd follow up with ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Best Anti-Pornography PSA Ever - World of Wonder

Best Anti-Pornography PSA Ever

Vision Word Studios and New Life Ministries have crafted a powerful parable about a young man's quest for self-control against the evils of on-line ... See the Rest


Behavior Management

... See the Rest

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Nick Stahl’s One-Man Show Lands Him in Jail

So poor, troubled, cutie-patootie Nick Stahl was arrested last night for shakin' the snake, spankin' the frank, thumpin' the pump, ticklin' the pickle ... See the Rest


50 Cent’s “In Da Club” Dubbed Over Jehovah’s Witnesses Signing Scripture to Stop the Deaf from Masturbating

It's offbeat. (via filthyphil) ... See the Rest


The Most Important Scene from Monday Night’s Teen Wolf

During a particularly brutal lacrosse game (in which a werewolf and a lizard creature pretty much decimated the home team), perennially sidelined ... See the Rest

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The Self-Pleasuring OctoMom Porn Trailer Is Here

And dare I say it? She looks good! ... See the Rest

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Must-See Video of the Day: Workaholics‘ “Jerkin’ In the Office” Clip

Are you watching Workaholics? You should be. It's Like Office Space meets It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but with cuter guys. I'm serious. I love ... See the Rest