#PublicArt: Thomas Houseago “Masks (Pentagon)” Is Unmasked In Rockefeller Center


Walking through 30 Rock last Monday afternoon, I came out into Rockefeller Plaza upon sculptor Thomas Houseago Masks (Pentagon), which was ... See the Rest

Hot Looks of the Day: The Nightmarish World of Wounderland

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.16.18 PM

The pictorial series Wounderland, created by the artist collective Mothmeister, "portrays anonymous, ugly masked creatures as a reaction against the dominant exhibitionism of the selfie culture and beauty standards marketed by the mass media." The images of these lonesome and ... See the Rest

Snap!: Verne Troyer

**EXCLUSIVE** Verne Troyer seen at the Ivy Club in London

Austin Powers star Verne Troyer... wearing a Harry Styles mask?... rolls up to the Ivy Club in London on his little motorized scooter. Not everything has to make sense, kids. (Photo: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest

Bryan Cranston Unmasked


Bryan Cranston wore a startlingly realistic Walter White mask to the Breaking Bad panel during Comic-Con International over the weekend. He's "the one who rocks." (via See the Rest

The Harry Styles Gif Shop


See the Rest

Happy Times: John and John-John?


Mask not what your country can do for you. (t/y Louis) ... See the Rest



Bondage: Love will keep us in leather. ... See the Rest

Snap!: Monkey in a Mask. On Stilts. Don’t Ask


(via Philthy's Diversions) ... See the Rest