My Interview with a Future Mars Colonist

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Last week, the Mars One Project – which hopes to colonize Mars for a reality show in 2024 – announced "round three" of its astronaut candidates. From the initial 202,586 applicants, only 100 hopefuls have been selected to proceed to the next round of the selection process. And – HOLY CRAP! – my hunky friend Brad Moore was ONE OF THE CHOSEN HUNDRED. ... See the Rest

Mars Reality TV Series: Drag Queens In Space?

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In the works for more than a year now, Dutch billionaire backer, Bas Lansdorp, has unveiled more details of his plan to put together a group that would be trained and sent on a one-way trip to Mars (one-way?) to establish the first human colony. Is this the ultimate reality series? Lionsgate TV has teamed with Lansdorp’s Mars One for an unscripted ... See the Rest

Public Lottery For One-Way Trips To Red Planet Reality Show

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I just signed up for this new Mars One reality show. All of the astronauts’ activities will be captured by the Living Unit cameras, so that those back on Earth can experience them as well, and are kept up to date with how they are doing. The astronauts themselves will also report back and get to share about everything ever wondered. What is it like ... See the Rest