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Vintage Mama Kris Jenner

                Sooooo, maybe their marriage isn't over yet? Kris Jenner (who is almost ... See the Rest

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Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson’s Engagement Party

But honestly? Only Diana Ross's son could get away with this look; an ostrich feather jacket on a man who isn't Liberace. Wife-to-be Ashlee Simpson ... See the Rest

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Stacy Kiebler Got Married

      After dating tech-millionaire-boyfriend Jared Pobre for seven months (first boyfriend post-Clooney), former WWE'r Stacy ... See the Rest

Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton seen leaving their hotel in Miami

In Shocking News: Robin Thicke and Wife Split

I'm sure no one saw this coming. Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton have decided to call it quits on their nine-year marriage and even longer ... See the Rest

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Captain and Tennille Call It Quits

I honestly had no idea they were even still together, but after 39 years of marriage, the Captain (Daryl Dragon) and Toni Tennille have called it ... See the Rest

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Bobbi Kristina Gets Married

Well, it happened and no one is happy about it. Bobbi Kristina married her "brother" Nick Gordon and here's the capper; she didn't have a pre-nup. ... See the Rest

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Charlie Sheen Marries Porn Star In Iceland

If Charlie Sheen gets married in Iceland, does anyone hear it? Anyway, this is what Charlie tweeted to his 10 million followers yesterday. Choose to ... See the Rest

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The Seinfelds Hit 14 Years of Wedded Bliss

Ya know what? Jerry Seinfeld did life right. He worked his ass off, made it HUGE, got married and is living his life the way he wants with no pressure ... See the Rest