#TheGoodNews: Marriage Equality Is Officially Law In Scotland!


Scotland's first same-sex marriages will take place today as new laws legalizing the change come into practice. Melbourne couple Douglas Pretsell and Peter Gloster were due to be the first to take advantage by using the time difference in Australia to convert their Scottish civil partnership to marriage on the stroke of midnight UK time. Pretsell, ... See the Rest

#GayDivorce: Jane Lynch Is Unattached Now & It Cost Her Millions

Jane & Lara in happier times

You hear a lot about gay marriage from both sides of the argument. But the biggest sign that gay marriage is just like straight marriage is that gay divorce is EXACTLY the same. California law states that couples divide up their holdings 50/50, no matter who has more $$ (or makes more) in the partnership and Jane Lynch, who's now officially free, ... See the Rest

Freedom To Marry, Mary!: Arizona Becomes The 31st State!


Today, US District Court Judge John Sedgwick ruled in favor of the freedom to marry in Arizona in two federal legal cases that challenged the state’s anti-marriage constitutional amendment. The ruling today strikes down Arizona’s ban on marriage for same-sex couples. It comes just over a week after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit's ... See the Rest

Condragulations Thairin Smothers and Ron Martinez on their Perfect Wedding!

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.47.22 AM

Last weekend, wowlebrity Thairin Smothers married his longtime love Ron Martinez in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony at the Villa Royale in Palm Springs, California. Officiating (and complimenting the boys vibrant Moods of Norway suits) was none other than RuPaul. Now THAT'S how you get "gay married." Guests included family members and friends, with ... See the Rest

The Good News: The Supreme Court Allows Same-Sex Marriage In 5 More States!


The Supreme Court rejected appeals in all the gay-marriage cases up for consideration today, clearing the way for same-sex couples to wed in five states additional states where bans were recently struck down. In addition to Indiana, Oklahoma, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Utah, the jurisdiction of the appeals courts means bans on gay marriage could fall ... See the Rest

Tom Daly Covers Attitude’s Hot 100


Tom Daly is the hottest guy according to Attitude's new Hot 100. In the issue, the Olympic diver - who's in a relationship with Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black - reveals he's also got a crush on Zac Efron and David Gandy. He also says that one thing that he definitely wants in his future is marriage and children. "Family is ... See the Rest

Cool POTUS: Cashier Gets A Fist Bump From Obama Over Gay Sex Joke

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 12.07.04 PM

That cashier – Daniel Rugg Webb, a comedian and part-time employee at Franklin Barbecue – told the Austin Chronicle the fist bump was a reaction to a gay sex joke: As the president approached, Webb threw his hand down and slapped the counter dramatically. "Equal rights for gay people!" "Are you gay?" the president asked. "Only when I have ... See the Rest

31 States To Go: Freedom To Marry Is Independence


Happy Freedom Day. Wouldn't it be nice if we could celebrate marriage equality in all 50 states some day? Marriage discrimination still exists in 31. We've made BIG progress (a judge in Kentucky just ruled in favor of marriage equality just this week.) The great organization Freedom to Marry is really committed to winning marriage equality ... See the Rest