#LGBT: Gay Couple Who Filed Suit Against Kim Davis Are First To Get Marriage License!

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James Yates and William Smith, Jr. sued Kim Davis for being refused a marriage license SIX TIMES since July. They also ... See the Rest

#Breaking: Kim Davis Refuses To Issue Marriage Licenses, “Under God’s Authority” –Protestors Chant “Do Your Job!”

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Rowan County clerk and media villain, Kim Davis this morning AGAIN refused two same-sex couples marriage licenses, in defiance of a federal ... See the Rest

#LGBTRights: Gay Marriage Opponent Kim Davis Denied By The Supremes! What Next?


The ever-persistent, lovely and charming Rowan County Clerk, Kim Davis, has suffered yet ANOTHER legal setback. (I can hear the crowd moaning) Late yesterday ... See the Rest

#JustMarried!: Congrats To Kate Pierson & Monica Coleman!


My old pal, the B-52s and recent solo-artist, Kate Pierson and her longtime partner, Monica Coleman just tied ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Barack Obama

Barack young Obama

August 4, 1961, Barack Hussein Obama II is the best Presidential pal a gay person could ever have. He is the twice elected 44th President of the USA, the first ... See the Rest

#WatchNow: This Gay Couple Was Denied a Marriage License & Bullied In Kentucky


David V. Moore and his fiancé went back to the Rowan County Clerk's office where they had been ... See the Rest

#PrismRage: Evangelist Franklin Graham Loses His Sh*t Over Rainbows…


Earlier this month, the antigay Evangelist preacher, ... See the Rest

#QuoteUnquote: George Takei’s Perfect Take on Donald Trump’s Idea of “Traditional Marriage”


George Takei says he once had a lunch with Donald Trump to talk about marriage equality. He told MSNBC's Lawrence ... See the Rest