First Look: Marjorie Conrad’s “Chemical Cut” Is Here!

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Marjorie Conrad has made a phenomenal feature film, Chemical Cut about the misadventures of a fashion model. Featuring a bevvy of Wowlebrities, including Deven Green, Ian Coster, David Keeps, Stephen Saban, Michael Lucid, Omar Hernandez, Mary Ann Heagerty and more, the film will ... See the Rest

Modeling’s A Bitch In This Chemical Cut Comedy Short

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Wowlebrity Marjorie Conrad's feature film Chemical Cut is in the middle of an exciting Kickstarter campaign, and here's a new comedy short she made to promote the film, featuring wowlebrity Damiana Garcia as a bitchy modeling booker giving Marjorie's character quite a brutal ego ... See the Rest

Marjorie Conrad on WOW Shopping Network

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America's Next Top Model alum Marjorie Conrad is your host (with the help of co-hosts Nicholas Coster and Ian Coster) this week on WOWSN and they're here to tell you about how you can help make her film Chemical Cut a reality! Watch and feel free to help her out. Make sure you ... Watch Now

Marjorie Conrad’s New Film Chemical Cut

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Wowlebrity Marjorie Conrad is directing the fabulous new feature film Chemical Cut, and you can help make it happen by contributing to the film's Kickstarter campaign! Marjorie, who's a veteran of America's Next Top Model Cycle 11, has written a fascinating and compelling script ... See the Rest

First Look: Chemical Cut

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Check out the first look at wowlebrity Marjorie Conrad's film Chemical Cut! "20-something Irene is stuck selling retail when she’s suddenly given the chance to model. To take it, she must rise against her loved ones' disapproval. But fashion stardom does not turn out to be what ... See the Rest

The Gatekeeper, and Those at Her Mercy


... See the Rest

Of Interest

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Anne Hathaway in Les Miz and our superstar receptionist Marjorie Conrad. Both pictured lives so different from this Hell they're living. (We love u, M!) ... See the Rest