#OscarBait: Michael Fassbender Dazzles in the MacBeth Trailer

Something WICKED HOT this way comes! Michael Fassbender stars in this "visceral and visually breath-taking retelling of the classic tale about an ambitious Scottish lord who seizes the throne with the help of his wife." Marion Cotillard is the ... See the Rest

#Oscars: Here’s Your FREE Wow Report Color-By-Number Ballot

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#Oscars: Here’s Vulture’s Handy Acceptance-Speech Generator

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First Look: Michael Fassbender as MacBeth

Something WICKED HOT this way comes. It's Michael Fassbender as a dark and menacing –but still eminently doable – Thane of Cawdor. StudioCanal released the first images of the upcoming MacBeth movie today at the Canne Film Festival. This version will be directed by Justin Kurzel ... See the Rest

Marion Cotillard, Age 7

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Marion Cotillard Goes Full-On Meryl Streep for The Immigrant

Director James Gray on Marion Cotillard's accent in The Immigrant: “The big challenge obviously was her Polish, which turned out to be fantastic. One day, I asked the actress who plays her aunt what she thought of Marion’s Polish. She said it was excellent but she had a slight ... See the Rest

Today’s Tune for Today: David Bowie’s “The Next Day”

Off Bowie's album The Next Day. Music video featuring the vocal stylings of the song's legendary author, David Bowie, and the theatrics of lauded award-winning actors Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard. Directed by Floria Sigismondi. Enjoy. ... See the Rest

Paris Fashion Week: The Christian Dior Fall/Winter Ready-to-Wear Collection

Arriving at the Place Vauban square in Paris for what The Cut called "Raf ... See the Rest