‘Magic Mike XXL’ Releasing Cast Photos On Snapchat


The highly anticipated – and hopefully well-endowed – sequel to Magic Mike is taking to Snapchat to give fans the full body experience prior to its July 1, 2015 release. Check out some of the promo photos that have been shared so far. They are mouthwatering! ... See the Rest

Magic Channing: Tatum’s Sexy Stripper-Past Video Revealed!


Channing Tatum has talked a lot about his past work as a stripper. And we've seen his Magic Mike moves, recently saying that; "Being a stripper exposed me to a lot of people I might never have met, and that has turned out to be a gift. There are lots of characters I feel I ... See the Rest

Channing Tatum’s Magic Payday


The No. 2 entry on Forbes's "Highest Paid Actors" might surprise you: Robert Downey is a no-brainer at #1 with $75 million for The Avengers and Iron Man 3 but Channing Tatum, took home $60 million, as star AND producer of Magic Mike, between June 2012 and 2013. Good career move, ... See the Rest

Shirtless Star Selfies: Chris Pratt vs Zach Braff


Twitter and Instagram give actors the opportunity to show off their workout efforts to fans and I guess, in some cases, casting agents. Zach Braff posted this pic with the following Tweet: "Dear Channing Tatum. When are auditions for Magic Mike 2?" Chris Pratt, the Parks and Rec ... See the Rest

Jason Mecier’s Latest Portrait: Channing Tatum


Made from Mike & Ike candies, of course. Gorgeous. (via Towleroad) ... See the Rest

Jason Biggs’ Audition Tape for Magic Mike


Previously unreleased, and for good reason. Cringeworthy at its most intense. ... See the Rest

Petty Pettyfer


Apparently, he's quite an ass. From US Weekly: "When Channing Tatum bares his true feelings about Magic Mike costar Alex Pettyfer, it’s not pretty. 'He hates Alex,' a source tells Hot Stuff. 'They had massive fights on set.' The beefcake to blame, insists another insider, is ... See the Rest

Alex Pettyfer’s Men’s Health UK Photo Shoot

Screen shot 2012-07-02 at 11.07.22 AM

People are raving about Channing Tatum's performance in Magic Mike, and yes, he's turned into quite the little actor, hasn't he? I was more surprised by Alex Pettyfer, though. As the doe-eyed newbie, he was alternately adorable and annoying and sexy and finally, absolutely ... See the Rest