Legendary Diva: “Joey Arias A-Z” At Irving Plaza

Another night, another legendary New York treasure. Tuesday night Lady Bunny, last night the one and only Joey Arias. Does he need any introduction? Well, for the uninitiated, "Joey Arias A-Z" was really a mini-retrospective. Sponsored by ... See the Rest

OMG! The Disney/Mac ‘venemous villains’ makeup arrives today!

WOW boss lady Mary Ann went to the MAC store on her lunch break and bought Maleficent's "Revenge is Sweet" purple lip gloss and the Evil Queen's "Bite of an Apple" orange blush. She said the store was just MOBBED and they ... See the Rest

This is all happening too fast! Make her slow down!

I can't keep up! No sooner have the chuckles died down over Gaga's lobster hat, than she goes and plops a giant black rose on her head for the premiere of her new See the Rest

Behind the scenes: Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga for Mac Viva Glam

Two other shots after the jump. ... See the Rest

mathu and zaldy

Miguel VillalobosDebbi Rotkowitz If you've been watching RuPaul's ... See the Rest