Lorde is Living Like a Royal

Isn't Lorde supposed to be poor? After getting a "tour" of the Shangri-La Hotel, she took to Instagram, as one does, to showcase the glam luxe life ... See the Rest


Sunday Real Estate Porn #1: My Neighbor the Billionaire

Is your front door 150 feet from a billionaire's? Well, not to brag, but mine is. Noam Gottesman is listed on the Forbes 400 list of richest people in ... See the Rest


The Wraith of Rolls (and a Jealous Old Volvo)

Do you care about a $600,000 car? Well, me either, in theory. Today, coming home from a morning by the pool at SoHo House (THAT I care about), I was ... See the Rest


On Elegance

Andre Leon Talley gave an interview with The Cut and had this to say on the subject of elegance: "My grandmother was a very wonderful lady — she was a ... See the Rest


Jolie’s Jewels

The Style of Jolie jewelry line designed by Angelina Jolie in collaboration with Robert Procop is on display in the South of France this summer with ... See the Rest

exterior 001

House Porn

Enviable exterior wallpaper by the Italian company Wall & Deco. And the houses seem nice, too. More wall examples here. ... See the Rest

Diamond iPads for sale! Very limited quantities!

Only $19,999! Available exclusively through Mervis Diamond Importers, these "gorgeous diamond studded iPads feature 11.43 carats of diamonds, hand-set ... See the Rest

World’s largest yacht has anti-photo shield

Fabulous. Can we install one on Lindsay Lohan, please? According to Luxist: "In addition to the military-grade missile defense system, armor plating, ... See the Rest