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Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson’s Engagement Party

But honestly? Only Diana Ross's son could get away with this look; an ostrich feather jacket on a man who isn't Liberace. Wife-to-be Ashlee Simpson ... See the Rest

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Lorde Has a Boyfriend and It’s Not Taylor Swift

                  After all of the speculation about Lorde's sexual ... See the Rest

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Johnny Weir and Husband Split

          Even if they are the best thing for you, break-ups always hurt. Johnny Weir posted on Twitter than ... See the Rest

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Selena Gomez and Her Baby Sister Gracie

                    Having a sister that is 20 years younger than you ... See the Rest

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Jessica Simpson’s Maxwell Has the Cutest #Duckface of All

                      How can you not want to eat this little ... See the Rest

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I Want Sophie’s Life What if life was just this? Doesn't Sophie's life look like it's going to be amazing? Even her music ... See the Rest

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Stacy Kiebler Got Married

      After dating tech-millionaire-boyfriend Jared Pobre for seven months (first boyfriend post-Clooney), former WWE'r Stacy ... See the Rest

Singer Gwen Stefani seen leaving her acupuncture class in Koreatown, California

Gwen Stefani Gives Birth To Third Son

Congrats to Gwen Stefani, hubby Gavin Rossdale and big brothers Zuma and Kingston. As of Friday, they are joined by new baby boy, Apollo Bowie Flynn ... See the Rest