Britney and Her Boys

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I just had back-to-school night last night (I spotted not-so-real housewife Brandi Glanville who was in a mini, super high heeled booties and applying lip gloss while walking) and it always makes me nostalgic and grateful to be a mom to two great daughters. I love when celebs feel the same way. Case in point: Britney and her boys. How cute is this ... See the Rest

Courtney Stodden Is Engaged To Doug Hutchinson….Again

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Confirmed by our sweet Courtney Stodden herself on twitter, 'tis true; our lovable blonde has gotten engaged to her ex-hubby Dough Hutchinson. According to her mom, Courtney just realized after being separated, just how much she really has for Doug. They never actually got divorced, so they are allegedly going to renew their vows before the end of ... See the Rest

Walking Dogs and Deers In Nature

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This is the sweetest video. A deer and a great dane walked into a field.....and the rest is not a punchline, just magic. You're welcome (said in Sadie from Awkward's voice.) ... See the Rest

J Lo Gets It Right

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J Lo is in NYC promoting her new album A.K.A. and she posted a pic of herself that speaks the truth in volumes. Jennifer hearts herself and THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! Finding the time to love ourselves is so important and we forgo that so much in life. As a wise queen once said, "If you can't love yourself, how in the HELL you gonna love ... See the Rest

Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson’s Engagement Party

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But honestly? Only Diana Ross's son could get away with this look; an ostrich feather jacket on a man who isn't Liberace. Wife-to-be Ashlee Simpson had an adorable ensemble on as well, complete with feather headband a la Great Gatsby. The had their engagement parties and all of the families were mingling and being social. Love the mother/son shot ... See the Rest

Lorde Has a Boyfriend and It’s Not Taylor Swift

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                  After all of the speculation about Lorde's sexual orientation, her boyfriend has outed himself on his blog. James Lowe is a photographer and that is how they met apparently but wow have they gotten a shitload of backlash. Lorde got some flack for allegedly ... See the Rest

Johnny Weir and Husband Split

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          Even if they are the best thing for you, break-ups always hurt. Johnny Weir posted on Twitter than he and his husband of two years, Victor Voronov, have called it quits. This is following a domestic dispute where Johnny filed a police report saying Victor bit him. Poor baby, we wish him well. ... See the Rest

Selena Gomez and Her Baby Sister Gracie

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                    Having a sister that is 20 years younger than you may be a good thing. It's like built in birth control as you could see what raising a kid is all about with little to no glorification. Mind you, Selena Gomez's family has money so it may be a tad ... See the Rest