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Lourdes Is Going To Madonna’s Alma Mater

I guess it's still Madonna's alma mater even though she dropped out, right? Madge IG'd this photo of The M Den in Ann Arbor so everyone is buzzing ... See the Rest


A Lourdes and Madonna Selfie

I couldn't ask for anything more than a selfie from Madonna and her first born, Lourdes. With Madonna sporting a hat that still shows her loyalty to ... See the Rest


Raising Malawi with Madonna and Lourdes

Heading back to Malawi with her children in tow, Madonna is visiting her son David and daughter Mercy's homeland. She often visits to check up on the ... See the Rest

Madonna arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles, with her daughter Lourdes and is greeted by a frenzy of fans

Lourdes Wants Out

This gorgeous creature is now 16 years old, can you imagine? Madonna's firstborn is hell-bent on gaining her independence and isn't looking for Mom to ... See the Rest


Girl Gone Wild

First, 15-year-old Lourdes Leon was caught smoking, now we see what fashion statements she is choosing. A pierced nose, half shaven head and a tragus ... See the Rest


Madonna Loves Fags

Lourdes never stood a chance. ... See the Rest


Lourdes Lights Up

Leader of the pack? Madonna's daughter and business partner, 10th-grader Lourdes Leon, was spotted on Friday puffing away on a butt and – in the words ... See the Rest