$44 Million Windfall: Italian Man (Unknowingly) Buys A Stolen Gauguin For $35

Paul Gauguin

An Italian retiree who had the good fortune to unwittingly purchase a stolen Paul Gauguin masterpiece has been awarded ownership of the painting. Known only as Nicolo, he went to a railway auction and bought two paintings for about $35. The paintings had been originally owned by Mathilda Marks, daughter of Michael Marks, the founder of Marks & ... See the Rest

Santa Spankings Banned In London!!!


No more "naughty" for Santa in the UK!...at least when it comes to UK-produced online porn. Swedish performance group Duo Raw (Ronny Willberg Johansson and Andreas Kiss Nilsson) joined the protest efforts in London this weekend against a new amendment to a law that now stops certain sex acts from being filmed, including female ejaculation, ... See the Rest

London Nights: Harry Potter & The Dorky Vacation


If you’re a Harry Potter fan(atic) you can stay at the Georgian House hotel, a 163-year-old property near Victoria Station, that now has rooms that replicate Hogwarts. As part of a special package you can go on a walking tour of central London landmarks and a trip to the Warner Bros. Studio lot for The Making of Harry Potter Tour. Serena von der ... See the Rest

That’s Hollywood: Something’s Funny About Benedict Cumberbatch?

Madame Tussauds Unveil New Wax Figure Of Benedict Cumberbatch In London

Maybe you weren't fooled, but when I first saw the shot below on the photo agency site, Pacific Coast News, I was for a second. Yes, it's a wax figure of Benedict Cumberbatch that was just unveiled in London at Madame Tussaud's. It made me curious about the 200 year-old museum. There's been one in New York and Vegas since 2000 and ones opened in DC ... See the Rest

Beyoncé’s Floating Fringe

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 1.33.17 AM

Okay. Beyoncé cut some fringe for a minute and decided to rock it last night in London town. Now, is it me, or is her fringe totally floating? It's as it it's trying to run away from her beautiful face. If anyone out there is as big of an anglophile as I am or are actually British, you will know what I mean when I say that she looks like Jill ... See the Rest

New Sherlock, Season 4!?: …And Binge-Watching Seasons 1-3


Sometimes, I'll admit I'm late to the TV party. I had a terrible toothache two weeks ago and, as a shut-in, discovered the BBC's Sherlock. I'd always intended to watch, but just never committed to it. This May, I met Sherlock himself, Benedict Cumberbatch, in London at Peter O'Toole's memorial and he was charming, friendly and handsome in person. ... See the Rest

The Future of Pop!!! Stream London’s QT “Hey QT”

QT+Hey copy

In keeping with the latest social trending of everything plastic is fantastic, it's no surprise that London's PC Music label has taken pop music to super saccharin sweet levels on new track "Hey QT". Mixing SOPHIE-like vocals and the hyper-anime production of A.G. Cook, QT is as artificial sounding as you can get, and totally addictive! "So what or ... See the Rest

Over $50 Million Spent!: Check Out Hirst’s Castle


Well, it's not really a castle but I like the headline pun – so sue me. Yes, the richest artist in the world ($300+ million) just bought this five-story, 18 bedroom manse for $57 million. Commissioned by the Prince Regent, and considered one of the finest examples of its kind, it was built by the architect John Nash in 1811. Its imposing facade and ... See the Rest