Three Wolf Moon – The Musical

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Unbelievable. I dunno how much the Internet cost to get up and running but I fully believe it's paid for itself in bizarre musical parodies...  About two weeks ago there was a great t-shirt on that got some attention for the creative and outlandish comments and reviews. Now the tacky t-shirt has even spawned a Pocahontas ... See the Rest


I'm very pleased to introduce this year's hottest new look... the Sex Doll Hoodie. Description from the designer's Myspace: Autonomous artist Sander Reijgers provides sex objects with a whole new life: he uses blow-up dolls as artistic material. “I customize existing tracksuit tops with parts of the blow-up dolls – the head, the ... See the Rest


So basically I'm getting bored of this woman. She sung a song reasonably well... once. It really wasn't the best voice in the world, and though I understand that she's sweet, and unassuming, and kinda heartwarming in a gross, cold sore glistening, 'tits like spaniels ears' way, but I'm just saying "enough now."  Today, pretty much all the ... See the Rest


"Whadda you think you're lookin' at buddy?!... oh right, it's my freakishly disturbing skull jacket... fair enough then." Sports uniforms are rarely of interest to me. However I found out today that the new England football kit is to be designed by Aitor Throup, a 27 year old British-raised Argentinian fella whose designs begin life as comic book ... See the Rest