#Flashmob: “300” Hot Spartans Storm The London Underground


These pics remind me of Sarah Silverman's joke: "Do you know how 300 got it's title? That's the percentage gay that the movie is..." J/K. The 300 decided to surprise the London Underground during the rush hour the other day. To be honest, it looks like less than a dozen, ... See the Rest

#ArchitecturePorn: When Is A Boulder Not A Boulder, But A Building?


Every year since 2000 a chosen architect designs a folly pavilion that is erected near the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park in London. (Photographer Iwan Baan has photographed many if not all) Architect Smiljan Radic's pavilion opened there last summer and after its run, the Radic ... See the Rest

#LondonNews: The Eagle Pub Says Yes To Meth


London's alternative scene has got its knickers in another twist after The Black Cap pub in Camden closed its doors last night, before self-destructing its website and erratically leaving Twitter. The sudden and backhanded closure was kept under wraps, but you can't hold a secret ... See the Rest

Hercules & Love Affair’s Andy Butler Gets Naked in London’s Loverboy Magazine!!!

loverboy magazine

Our fave geile ginger, and creative force behind dance music project Hercules & Love Affair Andy Butler is featured (naked...woo hoo) in issue #2 of Loverboy- the fab mag 'bridging the gap between the glossy fashion publications, the music press, celebrity titles and the ... See the Rest

Pow!: Today Is International Pillow Fight Day!


Grab your pillows and head to the streets today for International Pillow Fight Day! In Trafalgar Square in London, Washington Square Park in New York and on the National Mall in DC to name a few places to clobber strangers with a pillow. The annual event takes place across the ... See the Rest

Hey, Cumberbitches – This Chocolate Benny Is Your Dream Come True!


Sherlock Holmes's and fans of BC in general call themselves Cumberbitches, you know. They've wanted to eat Benedict Cumberbatch for years... Now this life-size sculpture, made of cocoa, makes it more of a reality. To celebrate him being voted the dishiest dramatic actor on ... See the Rest

#AprilFools: Let’s Play Pac Man On Google Maps Today!


Is that Blinky & Pinky running down Broadway? Google is making April Fools' Day some throwback fun by combining Google Maps & Pac-Man. They are known for their April Fools' Day pranks. This year the company was a day early to the party, rolling out the Pac-Man game yesterday. ... See the Rest

#ArchitecturePorn: 4 Designs Chosen For A New London Bridge


A couple of weeks ago I did a post about this bridge contest with 13 of the best designs out of hundreds. Now four teams including Hopkins Architects, Amanda Levete‘s practice AL_A and two separate teams from Ove Arup & Partners have been shortlisted in the competition to design ... See the Rest