The Gif Shop: Little Girl Videobombs Local LA News Reporter


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News Bloopers 2012

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                          (via ... See the Rest

Scary Squirrel


I love this. A squirrel found a discarded Halloween decoration, stuck it on its head, and proceeded to terrorize a neighborhood in England. Can you imagine this running towards you? ... See the Rest

In Other News


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Anchor vs A-Hole

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Local news reporter Jennifer Livingston in La Crosse, Wisconsin, responds on air to an email she received from a viewer about her weight. Brilliant. ... See the Rest

Strange Local TV News Screen Caps


Local folks are interesting. (via MyPantsAreOnFire) ... See the Rest

Gud Mornin’ Carolinahs

redneck woman

Uncle Don and Aunt Arlene were on the news! ... See the Rest

Guy Likes Sequins

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