My Interview With Porn Again Author Josh Sabarra

I talked to Hollywood publicist Josh Sabarra about his new book Porn Again, which details his struggle with self-esteem issues, an eating disorder, plastic surgery addiction, and what it was like to be a 31-year-old virgin. Interesting stuff, and not the usual tales of Hollywood ... Watch Now

19-Year-Old Author Alex Kazemi Talks ’90s Nostalgia with Oyster Magazine

Author and it-boy Alex Kazemi (born: 1994) (I literally have underwear and lipsticks from 1994) talks to Oyster magazine about his penis, his new book Yours Truly, Brad Sela, and that aching ... See the Rest

Trending: #hipsterbooks

Trending on Twitter over the weekend: Take a classic book, and hipsterize it. My favorites after the jump. ... See the Rest

Famous Typists and Their Typers

(via wurkhunty) ... See the Rest

Lit Break: Truman Capote Reads A Christmas Memory

The short story, my absolute favorite, originally published in Mademoiselle magazine in December 1956, tells the largely autobiographical story of a young boy named Buddy and his elderly cousin and best friend, Sook, as they prepare for what will be a meager Christmas. The high ... See the Rest

Snap!back: Literature, Art, Music

William Burroughs, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Debbie Harry, New York City, Christmas, 1986. (Photo: Victor Bockris ... See the Rest

What We’re Reading Now

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90-year-old Ray Bradbury watches the music video "Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury." (via See the Rest