My Interview With Porn Again Author Josh Sabarra

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I talked to Hollywood publicist Josh Sabarra about his new book Porn Again, which details his struggle with self-esteem issues, an eating disorder, plastic surgery addiction, and what it was like to be a 31-year-old virgin. Interesting stuff, and not the usual tales of Hollywood ... Watch Now

19-Year-Old Author Alex Kazemi Talks ’90s Nostalgia with Oyster Magazine

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Author and it-boy Alex Kazemi (born: 1994) (I literally have underwear and lipsticks from 1994) talks to Oyster magazine about his penis, his new book Yours Truly, Brad Sela, and that aching nostalgia kids today feel for the '90s. WHEN THEY WERE IN UTERO. I mean REALLY. *throws ... See the Rest

Trending: #hipsterbooks

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Trending on Twitter over the weekend: Take a classic book, and hipsterize it. My favorites after the jump. ... See the Rest

Famous Typists and Their Typers


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Lit Break: Truman Capote Reads A Christmas Memory


The short story, my absolute favorite, originally published in Mademoiselle magazine in December 1956, tells the largely autobiographical story of a young boy named Buddy and his elderly cousin and best friend, Sook, as they prepare for what will be a meager Christmas. The high ... See the Rest

Snap!back: Literature, Art, Music

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William Burroughs, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Debbie Harry, New York City, Christmas, 1986. (Photo: Victor Bockris ... See the Rest

What We’re Reading Now


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90-year-old Ray Bradbury watches the music video "Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury." (via BuzzFeed) ... See the Rest