Owls and Larks


"There are two types of people: owls and larks. I’ve always wanted to be an owl myself. To say 'I just spent the day writing' makes it sound like a mind numbing nine-to-five job. But to say 'I spent the night writing' elevates the activity to something compelling and secret." - Charles-Adam Foster-Simard, from his essay At Night, All Books Are ... See the Rest

Scandal at The New Yorker: Hot Plagiarizer Plagiarizes Self


The Washington Post has an interesting piece about the scandal that has engulfed cutie patootie pop neuro-theorist and journalist Jonah Lehrer. In an article for The New Yorker, Jonah reused the first three paragraphs of a piece he had published in the Wall Street Journal a year earlier. And that wasn’t the only time. Apparently, he does this type ... See the Rest