Oh Yes Honey! RuPaul’s DragCon Featured on the List of 16 LGBT Must-Dos in 2016!

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The Absolutely-No-Mariah Christmas Play List

Because sometimes you just want to drive a screwdriver into your eardrums if you hear "All I Want for Christmas Is You" one... more.. time. Here's a playlist of  holiday songs that AREN'T on a constant loop at Forever 21 and Home Depot, and haven't been run into the ground. In ... Watch Now

The 7 Most Annoying Songs of 2014

To be fair, it's not the song's fault. It's not the artist's fault. Most of these songs only BECAME annoying after near-constant airplay. It's the system's fault for making them ubiquitous. That said, here are the seven most annoying of the year (with six dishonorable mentions). ... See the Rest

A Gay Man’s Guide to the Best Songs to Listen to While Dusting

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Top 5 Reasons Tom Hiddleston Is the Internet’s Boyfriend

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Michelangelo’s Grocery List

Recently discovered at the Casa Buonarroti in Florance, Italy, where all of Michelangelo's works are stored, this rather elegant grocery list of things for his servant to fetch at the market. ... See the Rest

The WOW Report’s Annual Best Dressed List of 2013

As you know, the criteria for the WOW Best Dressed List is a little different than that of, say, People's or Vanity Fair's. We don't fawn over Taylor Swift's award show choices or reward the Duchess of Cambridge for playing it safe. We don't care about Alexa Chung, Jenna Lyons, ... See the Rest

The Best of #DarkBuzzFeed

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