A Gay Man’s Guide to the Best Songs to Listen to While Dusting

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A comprehensive (and absolutely hysterical) list of songs to help make dusting time fun time, from one of our favorite wowlebrities David Munk (Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys) via his blog Stargayzing.  ... See the Rest

Top 5 Reasons Tom Hiddleston Is the Internet’s Boyfriend

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Is it his  singing? His dancing? Maybe the fact that he LOOKS LIKE A DISNEY PRINCE? ClevverTV lists the top 5 reasons Tom Hiddleston is the internet's boyfriend. ... See the Rest

Michelangelo’s Grocery List


Recently discovered at the Casa Buonarroti in Florance, Italy, where all of Michelangelo's works are stored, this rather elegant grocery list of things for his servant to fetch at the market. ... See the Rest

The WOW Report’s Annual Best Dressed List of 2013

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As you know, the criteria for the WOW Best Dressed List is a little different than that of, say, People's or Vanity Fair's. We don't fawn over Taylor Swift's award show choices or reward the Duchess of Cambridge for playing it safe. We don't care about Alexa Chung, Jenna Lyons, or Karolina Kurkova. And sure, Kerry Washington is pretty and her ... See the Rest

The Best of #DarkBuzzFeed

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If you find the incessant listicles of BuzzFeed ("Top Forgotten Boybands of the '90s!" "14 Funniest Cartoon Sidekicks of the '90s" "Your Favorite Hair Trends of the '90s!") a wee bit depressing, be sure to check out the morbidly delicious hashtag DarkBuzzFeed on Twitter. Here are some of my favorites:   ... See the Rest

Empire Magazine’s Top 50 Sexiest Men of 2013


Of course these lists are always suspect. It's all about personal preference. You put Franco at 42 and JGL at 27, I think you're an fucking idiot. Tomato, tomahto. But really. Cumberbatch at #1? I think we can all agree this must have been some weird computer error or prank or SOMETHING because the man looks like yam. What do you think? Who should ... See the Rest

Cool Kid OTD


(via IHeartChaos) ... See the Rest

Warsan Shire’s 34 Reasons We Failed at Love

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(via TheKirbsParadox) ... See the Rest