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Celebrity News Flash: Lisa Edelstein Joins the Cast of Castle

News came our way just now that Lisa Edelstein, wowlebrity and longtime friend of the editors here at the WOW Report, is joining the cast of Castle as ... See the Rest

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The Daily Freak Show: James St James at the WOW Report Cocktail Mixer at Boardner’s

httpv:// Last week James St. James went to this month's WOW Report cocktail mixer in honor of new WOW blogger ... See the Rest

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Today’s Special: Edelstein on a Bed of Greens

Lisa tells the WOW Report she didn't know she was naked. ... See the Rest


Quote Unquote

“I haven’t talked to anyone over there so it would seem unlikely. Who knows what I’ll be doing. I have a lot on my plate. I wouldn’t want to answer ... See the Rest

Lisa Edelstein: The Real House Bunny

Well, the boobcentric website Egotastic! has finally caught up with our actor pal and wowlebrity, House co-star Lisa Edelstein. After seeing some sexy ... See the Rest

Make the Right Choice This Time, People

Let's make up in some small way for the major fail that occurred at the polls recently and put our votes to good use in this other, more entertaining ... See the Rest

Lisa Edelstein for People’s Choice Favorite Actress!

Here's a sample People's Choice Awards ballot with an exemplar check in the box next to the the actress you will vote for. Click here for the actual ... See the Rest

Huddy 4Evr!

So House and Cuddy finally did the deed on the season 7 premiere of House, and we're all in agreement that it's "Huddy" and not "Couse," right? Good. ... See the Rest