#Jonas: 50 Snowy NYC Storm Snaps From My Instagram Feed

I drove in from my upstate place in the Catskill Mountains to the West Village of Manhattan on Friday just in time for the snow to start falling. I checked out the view from my front door a few times and then went to bed and awoke Saturday to a ... See the Rest

#DragHerstory: Lady Bunny’s Wigstock Cruise Was a Boat Load of Fun, Jam-Packed with Drag Superstars!

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#DragHerstory: All Aboard the S.S. Wigstock! Lady Bunny & Crew Sets Sail August 16 in NYC

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The New York Times Proclaims Linda Simpson “The Accidental Historian of Drag Queens”

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Drag Pride: Linda Simpson’s Classic NYC Drag Photos, feat. RuPaul, Lady Bunny & More! WATCH!

Just in time for Gay Pride weekend, NYC Drag Legend Linda Simpson is guiding us all through the annals of drag herstory with her classic "Drag Explosion" photos of the hey-day (gay-day?) of Gotham's drag boom in the late ... See the Rest

#DragHerstory: Catholic College Refuses Permission For Student Drag Show

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club at St Thomas Aquinas College in New York wanted to put on a drag show featuring students, with a "professional" queen hosting. The initial application and funding was approved, but later refused by school ... See the Rest

To Do in LA: Check Out Linda Simpon’s “Drag Explosion” TONIGHT

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First time outside of NYC! Linda Simpson’s “The Drag Explosion” on April 3rd in West Hollywood!

On Friday, April 3rd, at 7:30pm, at the West Hollywood Council Chambers, famous NYC drag legend Linda Simpson is going to be presenting her slideshow extravaganza, “The Drag Explosion,” featuring photos she took of NYC’s momentous drag scene of the late 1980s and early ‘90s. It’s ... See the Rest