Mariah Carey on Elevator Design


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Dog Lover’s Must-Have Floor Lamp


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Lamps for the Wreck Room

The construction-site-themed Crane Lamp and Wrecking Ball Lamp are designed by Studio Job for the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London, where they will be on display through May 8. If you have trouble at the door, just bulldoze your way in. (via Nerd Approved; see also)  ... See the Rest

Functionally Light

No angle, no poise, but mucho dollars! This limited edition - and gloriously useless - reinvention of the classic Anglepoise lamp will set you back $3,600. @ Moss.  ... See the Rest

New Lamps For Old

Genius! More from Daniel Loves Objects ... See the Rest

Light Entertainment

Ride a cock horse, with hat.  Or take a load off in this sensory deprivation skull. Both from the Atelier Van Lieshout. More here. (t/y Nic)  ... See the Rest

Wet There Be Light

I have a lamp fetish. So was thrilled to find this post on Shopping Journal (via Dark Roasted Blend) ... See the Rest

I Scream You Scream For Ice Meme

If you like your ice cream lite there's a silicone silly cone for everyone. Choose from one scoop, three scoops, upside down or melting. And there's even one for whom this is snow joke: "The slow motion catastrophe lamp is here to remind us that every time we switch on the lamp ... See the Rest