Personal Snippets from the One Direction Boys


The more you know. (via sinisterlava) ... See the Rest

Koala Clap


Two of the boys from One Direction had an STD scare recently. Both Harry and Liam got peed on by a koala when they were down under.....em, in Australia. Apparently up to 80% of koala bears are infected with Chlamydia and unless they come up with a vaccine, the species will become extinct as Koala Clap makes them sterile. For more adorable pictures ... See the Rest

A JSJ Investigative Report: Louis Tomlinson, Everybody’s B*tch


Much like a woman will flick an imaginary speck of lint off her man's lapel in the presence of other women to signal that HE belongs to HER – BACK OFF – so I imagine all the proprietary fussing over Louis Tomlinson by his bandmates suggests that each boy is marking their territory. I like to think that Louis is their little fuck-toy, ... See the Rest