Liam Payne Pulls a Nick Jonas and Appears on the Cover of Attitude Magazine

Sometimes problematic One Direction band member Liam Payne announced via ... See the Rest

5 Years of 1D: Zayn Malik’s Tweet to Liam Payne Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Today is a special day, guys. If you didn't know, July 23, 2015 marks the 5 year anniversary of One Direction since the guys were brought together by ... See the Rest

One Direction News: Harry & Liam Sing their ABCs and 1D Expand their Marketing Empire into the Cosmetics Biz

All the 1D news of the day! First up, a cute video of Harry and Liam singing the ABC song with Bert on Sesame Street. Bert's frustration with Harry at the end is ADORABLE. Definitely a must-see! ... See the Rest

Ever Wonder What the One Direction Boys Would Look Like Without Teeth and Eyebrows?

Now's you're chance to find out! Click to see One Direction looking like deranged mole people AFTER THE JUMP! ... See the Rest

The New One Direction Video Is Here! Watch “You & I” NOW!

Sort of a lackluster outing from the One Direction boys this time, as they mope about a grey and windswept pier, casually morphing into one another (as they do). As always, you are transported by Harry's voice, and gasp a little when you see Zayn. But Louis. Darling. My DEAR. ... Watch Now

On the Red Carpet: Elyar Fox at the Jack Ryan Premiere in London

Who? Doe-eyed Youtube sensation turned pop star Elyar Fox, of course, at the UK Premiere of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit in London. And why am I writing about him? Well, he's blowing up big time, ... See the Rest

The Hunks of 2013

Liam Payne, suddenly the hottest boy in One Direction, and the only one worth sqealing over; and British folk/rock cutie Jake Bugg (who would probably vomit if he knew ... See the Rest

1D After Dark: In Which Liam and Harry Reflect on the Early Days of the Band

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