Season 6 Quickly Approaching

One of the greatest parts of working on Tori & Dean has been watching Liam and Stella grow into two of the most charming toddlers I know. This season we get to watch them discover what it means when Mommy is having a baby. Each episode delivers some special moments, from poopy diapers to naming the baby Spider and Princess. Tune in November 29, ... See the Rest

Liam Tweets about Tori & Gaga

One of the best things about working on Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood has been watching Liam and Stella grow up. Liam, who is three years old, has become infamous for his one liners. They are so random and funny Tori created a Twitter account to share his quotes with fans. It seems that Liam's Quote of the Day is catching on. His latest, ... See the Rest