#TweetMe: Chris Hemsworth Simultaneously Hosts SNL & Breaks Twitter


Aussie hunk, actor and "The Sexiest Man Alive", Chris Hemsworth just Tweeted his first Tweet, to commemorate hosting SNL, which he KILLED, btw. Hemsworth was joined by brothers, Liam & Luke (plus a brother from another mother, left) He stars in Marvel’s upcoming Avengers: Age of ... See the Rest

Nothing Definitive: 25 Hot Guys In Front of A Camera


In no particular order, here are 25 hot guys in front of a camera today, and the gene pool made them look like this in jeans. I haven't made this a list specifically to represent an ethnically diverse group (Hollywood is still not that diverse, either)... these are just 25 guys ... See the Rest

The Onion Reviews Catching Fire: “Peta’s Not Ugly, He Just Could Have Been Way Cuter”

Video thumbnail for youtube video The Onion Reviews Catching Fire: "[Peta]'s Not Ugly, He Just Could Have Been Way Cuter" - World of Wonder

Noted film critic Peter K. Rosenthal examines the new Hunger Games movie and assesses the hotness of the boys in the cast. ... See the Rest

Crazy, Cute 4: You Know, Because Hemsworth It.


... See the Rest

Woody Harrelson Figures Out that Liam and Chris Hemsworth Are Brothers


... See the Rest

On the Red Carpet: The Catching Fire Premiere in Munich

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 3.42.37 PM

So here we are on the red carpet for the Munich opening of Catching Fire. Day two of the worldwide press junket, and already I'm exhausted.  Wake me when we get to Dubrovnik. Here's Josh Hutcherson pulling a Miley in his big-boy Sunday/Go-to-Meeting suit and Liam Hemsworth ... See the Rest

This Fall, Get Your ’70s Film Ensemble On


The seasons have just changed and as we shift into fall why not a far-out shift? Ensemble '70s movies seem to be in style this autumn. Which film is best and which is best-dressed? Here are three I'm looking forward to: American Hustle is about a con artist and his partner in ... See the Rest

Celebrity Roundup

Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 11.13.33 AM

Beyoncé shows off her new hairdo while out on the town with Liam Hemsworth. What's that? I'm being told that is NOT, in fact, Beyoncé. It's her hair inspiration (hairsperation?) Miley Cyrus with boyfriend Liam at the Paranoia premiere at the DGA Theater in Los Angeles. I THOUGHT ... See the Rest