“… And This You Won’t Believe… NOBODY Could Ever Believe… They Had DEVOURED HIM!!!!”

Flashback 1959: Liz Taylor films the unforgetttable final scene in Suddenly, Last Summer. Photo by Burt Glinn. Probably my favorite film of all time. ... See the Rest


In Her Own Words: The Late Trans Activist and Gay Icon Sylvia Rivera on Stonewall

I left home at age 10 in 1961. I hustled on 42nd Street. The early 60s was not a good time for drag queens, effeminate boys or boys that wore makeup ... See the Rest

Transgender model Lauren Foster seen enjoying a day at the beach with some friends in Miami

Snap!: The Iconic Lauren Foster

The legendary trans model (she posed for Mexican Vogue IN THE '80s, bitches!) is seen enjoying a day at the beach in Miami, still looking absolutely ... See the Rest

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What We’ll Be Reading in November: In Bed with Gore Vidal

Sure, he was an ornery old goat, and his weird, self-loathing views about gays were enough to make you want to vomit, but there's no denying that Gore ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video So George Peppard Walks into a Gay Bar... - World of Wonder

So George Peppard Walks into a Gay Bar…

Fag fight! Fag fight! Not sure what the hell is going on in this clip from the 1968 private eye flick PJ starring the delicious George Peppard ... See the Rest


Flashback 1973: Candy Darling Interviews Lauren Hutton for Interview Magazine

Lauren Hutton Interviewed by Candy Darling on a Hot, Hot Sultry Afternoon CANDY DARLING: It's a hot afternoon. LAUREN HUTTON: ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Cinematic Homos: <i>The Public Enemy</i> - World of Wonder

Cinematic Homos: The Public Enemy

Last night I watched The Public Enemy – the ultra-graphic pre-code gangster flick which catapulted Jimmy Cagney to superstardom back in 1931 – and was ... See the Rest


Edith Windsor Covers Pride Magazine

Gorgeous, gorgeous gay icon Edith Windsor, changing the world at 83 years young. Is it too early to nominate her for Time's Person of the Year? And ... See the Rest