Neal Cassady to Jack Kerouac: The Great Sex Letter

In 1947, a drunk Neal Cassady wrote a letter to his friend, Jack Kerouac, describing two sexual encounters. Cassady's wild prose was a big influence on Kerouac's writing and this letter ... See the Rest

Breakup Post of the Day

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Marilyn Monroe’s “Letter of Despair” to Lee Strasberg

An undated letter written on Hotel Bel-Air stationery describes the iconic star's feelings of utter disappointment and ... See the Rest

Letter from Dad

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Dear Marilyn

From Letters of Note: "On February 11th of 1961, just a week after her See the Rest

You Never Know If You Don’t Ask

Jasmine, age 5, has a request for the Queen. Ball's in your court, Liz. (via See the Rest

To Whom It May Concern

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Breast Wishes

Former WOW colleague David Story just sent us this letter he dug up from the late Helen Gurley Brown complimenting him on Cleavage, the 2002 WOW documentary that he produced and she appeared in. Says Story: "I do love the line '[I] thought it was just super, didn't you?' It's ... See the Rest