#BornThisDay: Shirley Bassey & David Bowie

January 8, 1937- Shirley Bassey January 8, 1947- David Bowie Bowie and Bassey, Together At Last! A good idea, don’t you agree? They have given me a lifetime of listening pleasure & they share a birthday today. Like ... See the Rest

Let’s Dance: Snow Bears Twerking to “Happy”

Just a couple of happy snow bears dancing in their manties out in the woods of Wellfleet, Massachusetts . And the fun really begins when Kathryn joins in! (t/y Nate) ... See the Rest

Just Dance: Dancing Guy Videobombs News Reporter

Cute boy dancing in the rubble of a smashed-up convenience store. Wait for it. ... See the Rest

Let’s Dance

Punk dancing on the streets of London, circa 1976. (via solavaya) ... See the Rest

The Boy George GIF Shop

... See the Rest

Let’s Dance: Aurora and Prince Phillip and Ariel and Prince Erik

Sigh. Glorious hand-drawn animation from 1959's Sleeping Beauty, with – do you see it? – Ariel and Prince Eric dancing in the pond's reflection. Clever, clever Disney. From ... See the Rest

You Will Never Be This Cool: 1991 Breakdancers in Rural Turkey

... See the Rest

And Now for Some Twins Dancing to Pitbull

(t/y Chev) ... See the Rest