Video thumbnail for youtube video New Avicii Video: "Addicted to You" - World of Wonder

New Avicii Video: “Addicted to You”

It's a Bonnie & Clyde reimagining with two hot chicks (Bonnie and Claudine?) running amok, robbing stores and restaurants and generally looking ... See the Rest

Meredith Baxter arrives at the 'Wendy Williams Show' in New York

Meredith Baxter To Marry Girlfriend

After three failed marriages to men, Meredith Baxter is getting ready to marry her longtime girlfriend Nancy Locke. Finally able to be completely free ... See the Rest

Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza film a scene for the comedy "Parks & Recreation" in Pasadena

Aubrey Plaza’s To-Do List

As far as we can remember, lesbianism was not on high-schooler Brandy Klark's sexual to-do list in The To-Do List, but Brandy's portrayer Aubrey Plaza ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Ann & Jackie's Wedding Proposal Brought Me To Tears - World of Wonder

Ann and Jackie’s Wedding Proposal Brought Me to Tears

This was so filled with love, thought, adoration, beauty, and purity. I hope you love it as much as I did. Congrats to Ann and Jackie! ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Flashback 1938: <i>The Lesbian Menace</i> - World of Wonder

Flashback 1938: The Lesbian Menace

A partially restored PSA from the 1930s warns viewers about agressive lesbians in the workplace. In the short film, Peggy attempts to seduce her ... See the Rest

Kelly Clarkson looks bright and bubbly as she leaves the BBC Radio 1 studios in London

Kelly Loves Her Lesbians

All these years the story was, Kelly Clarkson is a lesbian and that was that. Now that she is engaged to a man, she is speaking out in February's ... See the Rest



Has anyone seen Malibu Country? Is it that bad? ... See the Rest


Women in Love

At left, a lesbian group in Chicago in 1921. We love this photo. It's one of the many images in "150 Years of Lesbians and Other Lady-Loving Ladies," ... See the Rest