ABMB Day 7 & 8: #With You Finalé, NADA, SoHo Beach House and the Scharf Family Exodus

Saturday was the last day of my in-store appearances at Benetton and my artist pal, Jessica van Brackle came by and we did two paper pieces together ... See the Rest


Celebrities on the Loose

They're everywhere. From top left: Lenny Kravitz in New York pretending he's not himself (soon to be playing Marvin Gaye in a biopic); Adrian Grenier ... See the Rest

Lenny Kravitz fights the winter chill with a giant scarf and knit hat, as he goes out and about in New York City


Lenny Kravitz seen in New York, wearing an oversized scarf. (Photo: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest

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TwitPics of the Day: Oprah on the Set of The Butler

... See the Rest

Rock star and actor Lenny Kravitz seen on the phone while strolling through the Soho district of New York

Celebrities at Large

Out and about with the stars. They're obvious, but in case you're new to pop culture, they're identified clockwise from upper left: Bradley Cooper ... See the Rest

FIRST ON SET PHOTOS: Mariah Carey, wearing a purple head scarf, gets a helping hand as she arrives on the set of the upcoming film "The Butler"

Mimi Is Acting Again

Did you guys know that Mariah is in the Lee Daniels film The Butler too? I mean, it makes sense after Precious and Tennessee but I thought this one ... See the Rest

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Lenny Kravitz in Interview

Lenny is about to have a MAJOR moment, of course, as one of the stars of The Hunger Games. He plays the flamboyant (but nurturing! Oh, so nurturing!) ... See the Rest

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Recent Celebrity Twitter Snapz

Clockwise from top left: Joe Jonas and new friend; Johnny Depp; Christian Slater and Lenny Kravitz; Shakira and new friend. (Meanwhile, we're loving ... See the Rest