Jimmy Scott with his longtime admirer, Madonna in her music video for "Secret" in 1999.

Legendary: RIP The Great Jimmy Scott

Jimmy Scott, whose unique, high-pitched voice has had a haunting effect on listeners for decades, died Thursday in Las Vegas. He was 88. Mr. Scott ... See the Rest

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Joan Rivers Is Always On It

                        Only Joan Rivers kids, only ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Isolated Vocals: How Will I Know…? - World of Wonder

Whitney’s Isolated Vocals: “How Will I Know…?”

If there were ever any doubts about the late, great Whitney's enduring talent, this will dispel them. Just soaring vocals – THAT'S how you'll know. ... See the Rest

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WOW Report Longer Read; Madonna

This article from boyculture is so beautifully written it deserves an article Emmy. It sums up what is going on with the gays and Madonna beautifully. ... See the Rest


Daniel Nardicio Presents Carol Channing With Justin Vivian Bond

They all did it again. Last summer in Nardicio's Fire Island "Icon Series", Carol Channing wowed the crowd and last night in New York City's Town Hall ... See the Rest

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Christie Brinkley; 60 Is the New 30

I mean, c'mon. Does this look like the face of an almost 60-year-old to you? Mind you, I know you all are gonna post how she's got a great doctor, ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Edith Piaf Died 50 Years Ago Today... - World of Wonder

Edith Piaf Died 50 Years Ago Today…

But she lives on in this performance. Chills. ... See the Rest


Annie Lennox Expresses Her Dismay About Miley

Amongst others, of course. Annie Lennox is a legend, no one could argue that. Miley could do or say whatever about Sinead, but she can't say shit ... See the Rest