Celebrity Roundup: Willow Smith’s New Mono-Brow, Gaga Gives Gothic Beach Glamour, and Katy Perry Looks… Different

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Really good stuff in today's celebrity roundup: Willow Smith has a nutty new look, Lady Gaga give Gothic glamooooooooour on the beach in Santa Monica, '90s teen sensation Matthew Lawrence ('member him?) is shirtless while walking his dog, and look! Something is different about ... See the Rest

#NationalDogDay: The Famous Fashion Pups of Instagram (+1)


Yes, it's National Dog Day, but if you ask dog owners, that's every day. (If you ask dogs, they are clueless.) In honor of the day, here are some of the most fabulous fashion pooches of Instagram, belonging to some single bold-faced names, like ... See the Rest

#Instaglam: Babs & Gaga Strike a Pose (& Guess Who Else Was at Barbra’s House?)

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Lady Gaga posted this pic on Instagram with the legendary Barbra Streisand. It makes sense that Gaga would be in thrall to the 73-year-old singer, who's won 10 Grammys over six decades, along with two Oscars for ... See the Rest

Lady Gaga Appears Veiled & Unretouched On CR Fashion Book Covers


I love me some editorial Lady Gaga. The pop diva graces the double covers of See the Rest

#AHSHotel: Lady Gaga Throws a Horror Story Cast Party with Blood Red Pool


Lady Gaga threw a party for her American Horror Story: Hotel castmates over the weekend — and, natch, dyed the pool red to ... See the Rest

We Let You Listen to Meryl Streep Singing “Bad Romance” So You Don’t Actually Have to See Ricki and the Flash

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Of course Meryl Streep can sing. She's Meryl Streep. She can do anything. She was wonderful in Mama Mia. She was transcendant in Into the Woods. And now? Now, she plays an over-the-hill rock-n-roller in the new movie ... See the Rest

Pictures of Princess Grace’s Granddaughter Look Suspiciously Like Lady Gaga

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Are we sure she isn't trolling us? Harper's Bazaar interviewed Jazmin Grimaldi, the 23-year-old illegitimate daughter of Monaco's ... See the Rest

Gaga Wants Eyebrow Art to be the New Nail Art

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Lady Gaga, currently on tour with Tony Bennett, has been sporting OUTRAGEOUS eyebrows lately – blinged-out rhinestone designs, crystal-studded hoop jewelry, bleach and dramatic, artificial arches. Why, I'm getting flashbacks of the Great Eyebrow Madness of 1991 just looking at ... See the Rest