Celebrity Roundup

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Hugh Jackman! Drunk Kate Moss! The guy who attacked Brad Pitt! All the biggest stars in the universe are here in ONE BLOG POST! Check them out after the jump! ... See the Rest

Instaglum: The Dark Nights & Dog Days of Lady Gaga

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I noticed this beautiful shot in Gaga's Instagram feed the other day and I was taken by the poetry and melancholy of her post. "Heaven was on the other side of so many dark nights. Colors would come and flood the emptiness. Pain was then a rainbow. Sunrise the end of purgatory" But then it was offset by this cuteness of her pup Asia, who ... See the Rest

Lady Gaga’s Producer Cary Nokey Releases Self-Debut “B Who U R”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Lady Gaga's Producer Cary Nokey Releases Self-Debut "B Who U R" - World of Wonder

Grammy winner and Lady Gaga creator Rob Fusari is now doing his own gig. Check out his debut video, under the moniker Cary Nokey, for EDM track B Who U R. Frusari is best known for writing Gaga's hit Paparazzi and producing her album The Fame. If you're in NYC on Friday the 13th, you can catch him as the opening act for Adore Delano at The ... See the Rest

Gorgeous Gaga

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See, what people seem to forget is that under all of the costumery and disguises, Gaga is quite gorgeous. Case in point: this simple morning selfie. I don't care what filters are used, whatever, she is so naturally beautiful and interesting to look at. This look works for her best of all, hope she sticks with it for a while. ... See the Rest

Reporting From London: Slim Barrett’s Royal Jewels

King Slim and his crown. Portrait of Barrett in his studio by Dennis Schoenberg

Slim Barrett seems to attract royalty, as well as jewels. (You must know that the native Irishman's wife and business partner is named Jules for this word play to work.) I was introduced to Slim & Jules by my pal Kate O'Toole at the art opening I had in London two years ago during the Queen's Jubilee and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, ... See the Rest

Separated at Birth? Lady Gaga & Techno Boy


Lady Gaga leaves her New York City apartment looking exactly like 63-year-old Bruce Fonda, the elderly Michigan man known as technoboy53 who was arrested this week on child pornography charges.  ... See the Rest

Watch Now: Lily Allen – Sheezus Official Video

Lily Allen Sheezus Music Video

One of my absolute favorites, Lily Allen has dropped a new single and new video for Sheezus! She name-checks Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Lorde! It's Lily Allen PERFECTION! Watch/listen after the jump! ... See the Rest

Lady Ga-Ga-Gorgeous

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When it's all stripped away, what lies beneath is a beautiful woman. You can see the look of exhaustion after Lady Gaga played the final shows the NYC legendary Roseland Ballroom will ever see. She tweeted this pic with the caption, "I love you, the past 6 shows have been amazing monsters. 2nights show will be live streamed. #RoselandFuneral" and ... See the Rest