Watch: Bright Light Bright Light Talks Up His New Video with Ana Matronic!

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HOLY SYNTHPOP! The brilliant music artist Bright Light Bright Light (aka Rod Thomas) was in LA a few weeks ago, and we talked! WATCH! Join us as he guides us personally though 5 of his best songs, shares making-of video dish, and talks about collaborating and touring with Elton ... Watch Now

Celebrity Roundup

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Is it heresy to include celebutart Katie Price and Anna Wintour in the same post? Well, that's just the kind of blog we are. We don't care! HIGH and LOW! GODS and MONSTERS! PEARLS and SWINE! It's all pop culture jambalaya to us! Check out the surprising mélange of celebrities ... See the Rest

Kylie Minogue Is Feeling Very Marilyn

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                  Could she be any cuter? The answer is no. Kylie Minogue shared this shot on her Instaglam with the caption, "Mr. President". Sometimes it fuels a fantasy, but other times it just feels good ... See the Rest

Watch: Kylie Minogue “Sexercize” (VFILES x Cody Critcheloe)

Video thumbnail for youtube video Kylie Minogue - Sexercize (VFILES x Cody Critcheloe) - World of Wonder

Kylie Minogue and NYC über cool fashion site VFILES just put up a new interpretation of Kylie's latest video release Sexercize. This one, directed by art pop-rocker Cody Critcheloe of SSION, features tons of sweaty boys (Flaming Saddles Dancers) pumpin', drippin' and workin' it ... See the Rest

Cuteness: Kylie Minogue Surprises Fan at Gym!

Video thumbnail for youtube video Cuteness: Kylie Minogue Surprises Fan at Gym - World of Wonder

This is so cute, and just a little bit cringe-worthy! Wait until you see how Kylie Minogue rocks her fans' world! The build-up is intense, talk about a true endorphin rush. I just adore these priceless yet unavoidably commodified moments from MasterCard. ... See the Rest

Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Courtney Act Single “To Russia With Love”


Rupaul's Drag Race Season 6 contestant and oh sooo fab Hollywood It Girl Courtney Act just dropped a new Kylie-esque dance single in time for V Day, in support of the LGBT community in Russia. “So often, we see something we don’t like and we push against it, thinking we are being ... See the Rest

The Video for Kylie Minogue’s “Into the Blue”

Video thumbnail for youtube video The Video for Kylie Minogue's "Into the Blue" - World of Wonder

"Unapologetically glamorous" is how Billboard describes the video, which features Kylie and a well-coiffed hunk cavorting at parties and in her boudoir. "There is some drama that requires Minogue's beau to run after her down a deserted sidewalk, but more importantly, Minogue does ... See the Rest

Kylie Minogue’s Album Cover for Kiss Me Once


Gorgeous. Miss Minogue kisses a rain-spattered window pane for the cover of her 12th studio album. Listen to the first single here. (via Towleroad) ... See the Rest