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Lentil the Singing Cat

Lentil the Singing Cat sings a jaunty tune as she has her breakfast. We should all be so happy in the morning. ... See the Rest


How to Pet a Kitty

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What We’re Reading Now

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Useful Information: How To Tell If Your Cat Is Fully Charged

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Kitties in Witch Hats

That's all. Tiny, fluffy kitty-cats in spooky witch hats. Sixty-five whole seconds of it. Watch it, don't watch it, it's up to you. (But, really, you ... See the Rest


Grumpy Cat Covers New York Magazine

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Outdoor Kitty Cat Needs a Home

A few weeks ago this little fella showed up on my doorstep and stole my heart. I call him Outdoor Kitty Cat. He needs a home. (I think he was left ... See the Rest

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Taco Cat Spelled Backwards Is Taco Cat

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